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Our services for Facebook and Instagram advertising to seniors:

  • Plan Your Goals-Based Budgeting
  • Advertising Strategy & Planning
  • Produce Outstanding Creative Ads For Your Brand
  • Technical Setup
  • Dedicated Optimization of Campaign Budgets
  • Analytics, Measurement and Reporting

Why advertise on Facebook to seniors?

Our most important post-pandemic finding in online advertising to seniors is this:

Many seniors 65+ who used to own desktop computers have not "upgraded" to a new computer. Instead, they are purchasing smartphones and iPads. Those old desktops have been recycled and are not being replaced.

This is based on a confidential survey by one of our large clients in the Bay Area, and we acknowledge that the Bay Area embraces technology more readily.

Look how many more 65+ adults are using smartphones, social media and tablets/ipads:

smartphone ownership and social media use among 65 still growing.

Seniors and older adults continue to dominate growth on Facebook. Facebook advertising brings your message to where your audience is today, in 2023.

In 2022, 50% of people age 65+ are using Facebook - and this makes up 11% of Facebook's total audience. Today, 2/3 of people 65+ have broadband internet connections at home.

While Facebook has fallen out of favor with younger audiences, it has  become a "go to " social network even among the 55+ user base. Americans in their 50's are *very much* online, for research, for conversation, and even for dating.

Instagram - the visual sister of Facebook

The most technology-forward seniors are also on Instagram, the social media network has seen a resurgence among the younger Generation X -- the caregivers of the elders.

While Facebook can be considered a network of a user's family, friends and neighbors, Instagram is the older user's world of discovery -- where something new, novel or nostalgic might cross their feeds. (It's also where the grandchildren post their public-facing photos and videos).

Build an audience? Or Generate leads?

The original way to build a Facebook audience -- through organic "likes" -- is a thing of the past. Facebook algorithms push brands' posts to the bottom of users' feeds. On average, fewer than 2% of people who "like" your page will ever see the latest post.

The good news is that Facebook advertising can end-run years of "like us" requests. In 2023, Facebook is still THE best way to build awareness and generate leads for senior services.

According to online search experts Moz, Facebook ads have the lowest cost of any advertising platform ever. Our data show Facebook ads still outperform Instagram and TikTok on the cost to reach 1,000 people (CPM = Cost Per Thousand). Newspapers, radio, television and online display ads can't compare to how much farther a dollar can go on Facebook. This still holds, even though Facebook ad costs skyrocketed during the pandemic and continue to remain higher than pre-2020.

Facebook is today's social media and news source for adults 50+

Many elders in the Silent Generation are also on Facebook, viewing ads and looking for solutions. In fact, we find success in reaching users in their 70's and 80's by using images that "call out to them" by mirroring who they are and what they value. It's always important to stay positive and aspirational, because negativity does not engage this audience on Facebook and Instagram.

Where to begin using Facebook advertising with older adults

In everything we do, we start by defining the goals. Begin by identifying what can you achieve with Facebook advertising, and how does it fit with the rest of your marketing program.

Two broad goals are building brand awareness, and generating marketing qualified leads.

59% of people buy services and products from brands that they recognize (Nielsen). Whether you're selling sneakers, social services or surfboards, your company name or your product is a brand. Facebook campaigns that offer value to seniors and their family influencers will build trust in your brand. Facebook is excellent for building brand awareness, especially compared with other advertising mediums.

Once people know and trust your brand, then it's time to target them based on their needs and interests. Contextual advertising connects with your prospects whether they are conducting research or evaluating alternatives (middle of the funnel) or in desperate need today or ready to make a decision (bottom of the funnel). Facebook is unequalled in its cost effectiveness in converting users to marketing qualified leads.

Older adults, seniors and elders interact with Facebook in different ways. Different segments within each group will respond to different styles and emphasis in your brand's message. If you work in the 50+ markets, you appreciate that as people age, they become less alike, not more alike. You won't simply check the 65+ box, like the respondents to the Pew Research survey mentioned above.

While your services might be suitable for a large swath of people, within that population are particular groups of similar people with similar needs. Creating a "model customer" within each segment -- your customer personas -- is the first step to developing messages and creative work that resonates with potential customers.

Now that you have your strategy and customer personas set, you are ready to for campaign planning and management.

Broadcast advertising is like planning a wedding. Facebook advertising is like feeding an army.

Facebook, Instagram and TikTok advertising campaigns have two sides that are inseparable -- creative and technical. Unlike, say, television or direct mail, you won't plan a campaign and then manage it.

With Facebook Advertising, you are always creating and always managing along two parallel tracks. The cadence is fast: create multiple ads, target select users, measure feedback quickly, reallocate budgets, and create the next ad.

We use AI to optimize and scale campaigns, because human campaign managers can't keep up with the platform's needs.

Three Photos of Facebook Advertising for Seniors Development Production and Analytics

The advantage of Facebook advertising is immediate feedback on how your messages and information resonate with potential customers. That kind of exacting information is never possible with television, newspapers or direct mail. Facebook advertising is a critical arrow in every modern marketer's quiver.

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