Group of Elders

How Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly increase census:

PACE Enrollment Training and Messaging:

  • Messaging, training and role-play for enrollment teams. Have clearer conversations with candidates, families and referral sources.
  • In-person and online training for PACE enrollment teams. Customized or cost-effective "off-the-shelf" solutions for PACE.
  • Custom messaging, talking points and scripting for enrollment teams, the "Enrollment Playbook."
  • Data dashboards, insight reporting, team accountability methods and CRM optimization.

PACE Marketing to Generate Leads:

  • Complete redesigns and website refreshes to 10x inbound inquiries from families and potential participants.
  • Digital advertising and social media campaigns that connect families and potential participants with PACE organizations.
  • Data dashboards, campaign audits, insight reporting, and media spend optimization.

We are champions of the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly

We are 100% committed to senior care.

Our first senior care client was 12 years ago: we created new messaging for a PACE Organization. In 2017, we focused 100% of our energies on supporting senior care companies.

Lisa LaMagna has presented at these National PACE Association and regional conferences:

Our latest work for PACE organizations includes:

For Center for Elders' Independence, a PACE in northern California:

  • Messaging and sales: Generations Now developed and authored the enrollment team's training program, to create consistent messaging and support enrollment teams in having effective conversations.
  • Enrollment rep performance: Generations Now developed the team's daily workflows and routines that provided structure for outreach and follow up with senior self-deciders, family caregivers and referral sources. Vetted and recommended hire of a temporary contractor to support team in day-to-day needs and accountability.
  • PACE 2.0: Created dashboards for enrollment team and senior management to optimize individual and team performance, improve accountable, reduce voluntary disenrollment and reduce time-to-enrollment, to ultimately increase census.
  • Marketing: Generations Now was the strategic and creative lead for the redesigned website to 10x inbound leads, andĀ manage ongoing digital advertising campaigns that 4x'd inboundĀ PACE-qualified leads.
  • During COVID: Created and managed digital marketing campaigns that filled new PACE Center, exceeding internal targets. Significantly expanded the organization's engagement with the community with COVID-specific content and outreach.

For On Lok PACE, in San Francisco:

  • Enrollment: Created training program for 25-person enrollment department including messaging and role-play for enrollment conversations with participants and family caregivers.

For Brandman Centers for Senior Care, a PACE in southern California:

  • Marketing: Strategy, messaging and design of a new lead-generation focused website, launched in 2022, which propelled PACE-qualified inquiries.

Beyond PACE, we have helped organizations in ways that are directly applicable to PACE organizations.

Marketing for a Home Care Agency: Implemented a new online content strategy and improved Search Engine Optimization for 50 local websites of this national home care agency. This increased nation-wide traffic to their extensive online resources by 50%. Trained marketing and social media team to maintain and build on these results.

Recruitment Marketing for a Referral Home Care platform: Created online marketing structure and launched online recruitment campaigns to source caregivers for this home care referral agency, a Microsoft partner company.