Group of Elders

We help PACE organizations grow their census.

Now is the time to get ready so you can serve more participants in 2021 and 2022.

Here are our marketing and enrollment services and work for PACE organizations:

PACE Enrollment Training and Messaging:

  • Training and role-play for enrollment teams. Have clearer conversations with candidates, families and referral sources. (Now, training is via Zoom and recorded for online learning.)
  • Custom messaging, talking points and scripting for enrollment teams, the "Enrollment Playbook."
  • Data dashboards, insight reporting, team accountability methods and CRM optimization.

PACE Marketing to Generate Leads:

  • Complete redesigns and website refreshes to 10x inbound inquiries from families and potential participants.
  • Digital advertising and social media campaigns that connect families and potential participants with PACE organizations.
  • Data dashboards, campaign audits, insight reporting, and media spend optimization.

We are champions of the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly

We are 100% committed to senior care.

Our first senior care client was 10 years ago: we created new messaging for On Lok PACE's website. In 2017, we focused 100% of our energies on supporting senior care companies.

Lisa LaMagna has presented at these National PACE Association and regional conferences:

Our latest work for PACE organizations includes:

For Center for Elders' Independence, a PACE in northern California:

  • Enrollment: Created training program for enrollment team and daily workflow process. Used data dashboards to uncover insights to help team enroll more participants and reduce time-to-enroll.
  • Marketing: Redesigned website to 10x inbound leads, and manage ongoing digital advertising campaigns that 4x'd inbound PACE-qualified leads. During COVID, generated 2,500+ signups for email newsletter through social media advertising.

For On Lok PACE, in San Francisco:

  • Enrollment: Created training program for 25-person enrollment department including messaging and role-play for enrollment conversations with participants and family caregivers.

For Brandman Centers for Senior Care, a PACE in southern California:

  • Marketing: Strategy, messaging and design of a new lead-generation focused website, to launch in 2021.

Beyond PACE, we have helped organizations in ways that are directly applicable to PACE organizations.

Marketing for a Home Care Agency: Implemented a new online content strategy and improved Search Engine Optimization for 50 local websites of this national home care agency. This increased nation-wide traffic to their extensive online resources by 50%. Trained marketing and social media team to maintain and build on these results.

Recruitment Marketing for a Referral Home Care platform: Created online marketing structure and launched online recruitment campaigns to source caregivers for this home care referral agency, a Microsoft partner company.